Dear Readers,

I haven’t been feeling myself lately. I am here at the moment but gone at the same time. To see what I have achieved over the course of one year has left me amazed but now I need to go away for a while. I love writing…. I really do but sometimes you give up doing things that you love the most. For some time now I haven’t been able to write much (as some of you might have noticed) and I haven’t been posting on a regular basis. Every time an idea spurts into my head I quickly grab my pen to start writing but the problem is that at the very next moment I stop because it feel its incomplete. And incomplete is how I feel right now.

I need some time, and maybe I will be back with something worth sharing.

Love, Zovi 💕

Three Days, Three Quotes : Day 2


“Dear Music, Thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart, and lifting my spirits.” – Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of the online community Tiny Buddha (, which enables participants to share their experiences and insights to help themselves and others.

Thank you so much Squashy Moss for nominating me.The theme for this challenge is : Music 🎶 

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Happily Ever After

Her red dress glistened under the silver moon,
her laugh radiated with joy and happiness.
Her cheeks were flushed with color,
and her eyes shielded her from their evil looks.

It’s strange to see how the beauty turned into a beast
It’s strange to see how an angel turned into a devil.

She was young but not naive
turned into a victim for all those ruthless creatures.
She screamed with agony, but in no avail
To defend herself she had to become the monster.

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