For Just A Little Longer

For just a little longer, 

there was heavy rain

and I was with my friends.

The millions of raindrops didn’t go in vain

because I was with my friends.

We just couldn’t stop laughing,

by the humor of our situation.

We just couldn’t stop playing,

because of the wildness of our imagination.

We splashed and jumped in the puddles,

enjoying each and every moment.

We ran and played and cuddled,

for we knew our friendship, no one could torment.

They knew that this was their last day,

but they didn’t let anything or anyone stop them from making memories.

The bells rang, their homes called but they wanted to be away,

for just a little longer.

For just a little longer,

there was heavy rain

and I was with my friends.

We made the best memories,

the ones which we knew that we will never forget.



6 thoughts on “For Just A Little Longer

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    • Thank you so much. The moment at which I wrote this poem everything in life just for that very moment was so simple and easy going. But time flew by and things changed.


  3. Never mind,Zovi! change is the rule of the nature.Every thing changes with time.Even tough time shoud be good for you bcz they make you strong enough to face tough times yet to come in your life.So, without bothering much,take things as they come to you and you will always be happy.Trust me!

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