Bill Cosby had once said : “Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.” Good Evening everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day. Today, I will be writing about our society and it’s expectations.

Let’s start with the bitter truth that in our society, you can NEVER be good enough. It’s sad to know that you will be judged on literally everything you do like on what you wear, how you act and especially about what you look like. You’ll even be made fun of for being who you are.

If your skinny, you’ll be called anorexic. If your thick, you’ll be called obese. If your friendly, you’ll be called fake. If you’re quiet, you’ll be called rude and the list just goes on.

At this rate, I personally feel that our society aims at bringing us down rather then making us strong leaders for the future. As a human being, each and every single one of us has the right to freedom of expression and we shouldn’t let anyone take it away from us.

Our society expects way too much from us and when someone tries to move one step towards their dream, then the society criticises so much that we even start to question our existence.

To all my readers, all of us are unique and amazing in our own ways. Don’t aim towards perfection because personally I feel that perfection kills. Their’s no such thing as perfection, so strive for progress not perfection.

Just hear me out, imperfection is beauty! To be happy you need to find light even on the darkest nights. Imagine a looking up on a lonely dark night and finding it deep and dark without those imperfect stars in it. That’s the kind of imperfection the lights up your lonely lost nights and lights it up to guide you through it.

All of you out there reading this, believe and know that you are

NOT skinny

NOT fake

NOT rude

you are imperfect and that makes you unique and BEAUTIFUL.

Do what makes you feel happy, do what makes you feel loved, do what keeps you alive. Don’t hide your flaws because these flaws are what define you. Don’t let society define who you are. Be true to yourself and make yourself and your well wishers proud.

Stand up and fight back. You are only human, and you make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t worry and be happy. Know that you’re one in a MINION.



12 thoughts on “Society

  1. I again read this post bcz it pulls me towards it.The last five lines are master piece. The quote-‘u treat me like a queen,i will treat u like a kind……’ is superb.This reminds me

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  2. when Poras was arrested by Sikander the great and when Poras was brought in front of Sikander,Sikander asked him how shud i treat you and Poras replied-‘like one king treats another king’ I loved this post. very well written.

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