They had different destinations.

He wanted to soar high above people’s expectations

She wanted to run away, and go back to the place that yearned for her.

They had their differences,

but they never let that come between them.

They didn’t talk everyday,

and rarely got to meet each other.

They had a label on them,

that kept them apart even when they wanted to be together.

Those days passed and turned to months,

the distance between them grew stronger

tearing them apart,

because he never tried and she gave up trying.

None of them could take back the words they once told,

nor could they rewind those perfect memories and watch them over and over again.

Those memories she cherished made her happy,

but all he thought was why waste time in the past when a wonderful future lays ahead of them.

She missed him.

But, she never let him know all the sleepless nights she’s spent

crying over him and missing him.

Him and her, maybe they weren’t meant to be

but she still cared about him and loved him,

thats why she let him go.

The beauty of their friendship turned into something ugly,

the present which turned to past

was like friends who turned to strangers.



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