Her Struggle

She was a fearless woman,
she had faith which was stronger then ever before.
She had faith which never let her down,
even in the darkest days, she always bought light to the world.

She would always rise high up in victory,
but would treat her peers with equal respect.
Her determination and handwork,
would always lead her to success.

She would always help everyone out.
But she was a liar,
she struggled to keep us happy,
she struggled so that we’d have enough.

When life played the brutal joke with her,
she laughed back and hid her fear.
If only you looked longer in her eyes,
you would see a little girl who was afraid.

She lied to us and told us she was fine,
she hid her pain from everyone around her.
Because, she didn’t want to burden those who loved her.

She fought hard,
but the pain kept growing.
She fought hard,
struggling day and night.

But everything happens for a reason
and this happened for a reason too.
She tried her best,
but she just couldn’t walk anymore.

But, this is the cycle of life
and thats what destiny had mind for her.
Even when death knocked at her door,
she smiled and accepted death.

She gave gratitude to God for the lovely live she had,
but in her heart she longed for just some more time.
She passed away with a smile on her face,
May God bless her soul.

[Written for a loving daughter, mother, sister and grandmother.]



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