Value The Trust That You Have Earned

The most important things in a relationship is to have faith, trust and honesty.

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day. Today I will be writing about faith and expectations. Let’s get one thing clear, faith can exist without expectation, but expectation can’t exist without faith. So this means that faith comes first.

Having faith in people is a good thing, because faith is something that means complete trust or confidence in someone or something whereas expectations are a strong belief that we come up with that something will happen or be the case. Personally, I feel that expectations spoil the reality of a person and make them into something that we want them to be, not what they want to be.

As a high school going girl, people have expectations for me to make studies the most important priority of my life right now. But the thing is that there is a very thin line between having faith and having expectations, so sometimes when people just have faith in you they end up burdening you with their expectation which will just bring you down.

At this age my priority isn’t just my studies, my priorities are my family, my friends, and my love for writing. You shouldn’t be afraid do do what you feel in your heart is right, but don’t hesitate to take advice from your loved ones for these people are just looking out for you, having faith that you will be successful one day.

Growing up, I was usually reserved towards my friends and family but then only when I started speaking with people and getting to know them, I realized that everyone hides things from each other and thats totally fine because when you share each others little secrets you realize how similar you both might be, even if you have differences between each other because these differences will just bring you both closer.

In my family, I am closest with my sister. But, we weren’t always this close because we had a huge age gap between us (9 years) and also because I didn’t think that such an elder person would understand my situation and help me out. But, the day I went and spoke with her properly I realized how alike we are from each other and all the times she scolded me and argued with me was only because she cared and always looked out for her little sister. She never expected anything from me and just had total faith in me. I am glad to know that I had faith and trust in her to let her know how I feel.

But, this trust and this hope that we have for these people might get misused as well. Its sad when that happens because when you faithfully wait for someone no matter what, they take there own time to come to you not caring how long you’ve waited just to be with them. Everyone gives each other a second chance and so do I, but when it happens over and over again, it breaks your heart to even look at them. And thats fine, because these people who have broken your trust and have broken your faith so foolishly have taught you one thing for sure that you are amazing and those people are not worth your time.

“So move on, and roll the dice. Welcome to the game of life where deception, betrayal and hatred is just the beginning.” – Zovi 

Have A Little Faith



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