Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon” – Ann Lieberman

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you are all having a great day. Today I’m going to write about someone. A teacher in my school who left the school because she had to shift back her native country today.

There are people who cross our lives in tiny fractions of time, in the briefest of encounters and yet they leave an inedible mark in our hearts and minds. This teacher is one of those people. I had heard a lot about her from my friends and when I did meet her once for some time she left a great impact on my life. She teaches English and the way she talks to the students keeps us captivated just wanting for more because she treats us with so much respect and always has a smile on her face. Her words elevate and inspire me to be a better person.

Today was my teacher’s last day and it made me feel so sad to bid farewell to someone like her. She stood there smiling with her head held high with grace and told her students goodbye, who she’s known for a few months or maybe more than a year, without a single tear in her eyes. I truly respect her for that because she stood strong with her head held high even though she had every right to break down. Going away is always hard, but it opens a door for new beginnings and I hope my teacher has a great and blessed life ahead. She will always be in my memories and I am grateful to have met her.



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