Eternal Darkness

The anger and hatred never ended,
the envy grew stronger.
One knew no sorrow,
and the other knew no joy.

The elder one’s life was like the sun,
radiating brightness and warmth to all those around him.
Whereas, the younger one’s life was like the moon,
spreading darkness and creating an aura of loneliness.

But the younger one didn’t realize his importance,
he didn’t know that the elder one always reflected his light.
No matter how hard he tried to shine bright and show the world his beauty
He failed, for the world was blind or so she thought.

When the Sun rises high up,
everyone one would wake up.
But when the Moon rises high,
the world would fall asleep.

They once loved each other dearly,
but their differences divided them.
The younger one felt betrayed,
he felt that no one cared about his night.

He didn’t know that there were people,
who cared about him and smiled under his moonlight.
But as the days passed,
the younger one’s happiness just kept growing.

The elder one tried his best,
to bring the younger one back to where he belongs.
But that only enraged the younger one,
who was blinded by his anger.

So the younger one let the darkness fall on
those who loved him and bought eternal night.
Shutting himself away from his family and friends
he went into the eternal darkness,never coming back home.



12 thoughts on “Eternal Darkness

  1. amazing… 🙂

    The sun may shine bright,
    but glimpse of the moon is a very pleasant sight.
    Arrival of sun forces the world to wake up,
    The moon bestows a peaceful sleep without any expectation or hope.
    The sun may be the dictator, being the brightest
    It is only for the moon,
    that the stars eagerly wait to be with the moon even in it’s absence

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