Just Another Girl

Love is a joke, it is a game
A game I’ve lost over and over again.

I was afraid,
to love you and to ever trust you.
I was afraid,
thinking that you would dissemble me just like the rest.

But, I fell in love with you
thought that our love was sempiternal.

I was a fool,
to think you were the one.
I was a fool,
because you were just like the rest.

All I would do, was sit and brood
wondering what went wrong.

But, I realized that I wasn’t a fool.
I was just an effervescent kind of girl.
You used me as a tool,
to make me into just another girl.

But, I will fight back
and I will stand strong

Because one thing that I have learned
from you and all my past mistakes is that,
this is my life and I alone have the most control over it.

These mistakes have made me who I am today,
a strong girl who won’t give up.
A girl who won’t let you walk all over her.

Run away where ever you want,
but this is a small world and you can’t hide.
I am coming back to avenge what’s mine
a heart which will never be yours.



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