Family [Short Story (2/2)]

I was left in this skepticism and then suddenly I became conscious of the environment surrounding my wife and it seemed more like a hospital and thats when reality struck me and I noticed the worry filled within my wife’s eyes.

The moment she saw me open my eyes, all the worry from her eyes disappears into an inevitable joy. She says my name and embraces me into a hug. I try hugging her back and asking her what happened and why I am in a hospital but even though the words are just on the tip of my tongue, the immense pain that I feel in my head doesn’t let me do anything.

I look at Scarlett with confusion and so many questions, but mostly my eyes are filled with a deep affection I call love. She looks into my eyes and tells me “You are alright! Everything is going to be okay now.” I try once again to say something to her but she interrupts me by saying “Vincent, don’t try moving or speaking because it will only add on to your injuries. I don’t know if you remember or not but you were on your way home from office last night and your car got hit by a speeding truck which resulted in severe injuries for both you and the truck drive. You have been in coma for the past 12 hours”. My eyes widen with shock, I try to recollect what happened but the pain in my head just wouldn’t stop. Suddenly, I am surrounded with complete darkness.

In a while, I wake up again to be surrounded with machines and wires. I see my children and wife talking to each other in the corner of the room. “Is this actually happening?” I think to myself. My head feels much better now and I call out to Scarlett that brings her and my daughter’s attention towards me. My children beamed with so much happiness and ran towards the bed that I lay on and screamed out “Daddy, you are awake! We missed you so much” I smiled at my innocent children and told them “I missed you too Ava and Chloe”. Scarlett stood behind them with a smile on her face. She whispered something in their ear and they gave me cheeky smiles and ran outside. Scarlett looked at me and said “Good Morning Vince! How do you feel now? I was so scared, I thought that I lost you on your birthday” I replied, “Hey Scar! I feel like the happiest man on earth to wake up and find the people I love the most right in front of my eyes. Don’t worry dear, I am fine.”

At that same moment, my children stormed into the room and wished me “Happy Birthday”. I thanked them and hug them. Ava gives me a folded paper in my hand and Chloe tells me “Dad, to show you how much we love you, Ava and I made something for your special day. Mom helped too” I open the folded paper to see a wonderful drawing of a superman with a caption at the bottom saying “You are our SuperDad! ” My eyes tear up with pride and happiness and I thank God from my heart for giving me another chance at life. I look at my daughters and tell them “Thank you Ava and Chloe for such a great present and thank you Scar for helping them out as well. I love you all so much”. Ava says with a twinkle in her eyes “Your welcome Daddy! But, we also have another surprise for you at home” I smile at her, wondering what that surprise could possibly be, maybe it’s a letter…





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