It’s Okay

I think I have bad company,
but maybe that’s what I deserve.
For a while they make me feel so special,
and the next moment I feel so unwanted.

I try to hide my pain,
because I am too weak.
Too weak that I cannot speak
so I keep silent and suffer alone.

They come and go,
too caught up in their fakeness and lies.
They come and go,
and never notice that I’m breaking inside.

I try my best,
to fight back the hate.
But what can I do…
I am human too.

It’s okay to be different,
and it’s okay to say your mind.
You are free to do as you wish,
so don’t be afraid.

I wish to cut out from this cruel world
from the deception and the pain.
But there’s something which holds me back
to who I am, that something is hope.

That hope tells me in the morning,
that it’s okay to want more than what the have to offer.
All I just needed was a friend to be there for me
while I fixed myself.

And, if you feel like you are alone,
even when you’re surrounded by people
maybe it just means that,
you don’t belong there.

Maybe it means that,
you deserve to be cared about
and to be loved by all.

So change your outlook on who you be with,
because in this world good people are hard to find
and once you find them don’t ever let go.



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