I Am A Conqueror

Maybe I am out-of-place,
but I feel like I belong here.
It’s written on their face,
that I should be anywhere but here.

In my heart, I seek refugee
from all the evils of humanity.
I try my best to flee
but it keeps me together; a hope for amity

Why can’t this ever end?
A life that wasn’t meant to be a game.
A life that was to be lived happily
without any fear.

I think about all those who I’ve left behind,
maybe their love for me was blind.
I have come so far away,
not to go back empty-handed.

I have a purpose,
which may seem bizarre.
But I will conquer the rest
and be the best.

Their criticism will never end,
and nor will my reign.
And beneath my sorrow, is hope.

I am a conqueror
who won’t let her inner demons
hold her hostage anymore.



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