What Happened To Goodbye?

Best Friends. Always.

Moments we shared,
Phone calls we made
All in the past.

I am your friend
And always will be.

But some words once told
can never be forgotten.
And some things once done
can never be forgiven.

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The Little Ballerina Girl

Little ballerina girl,
you are a toy.

You have to move,
the way he tells you to.
You have to smile,
even when you are in pain.

You have to perform,
it is your job.
You have to obey him,
without a sob.

Little ballerina girl,
you are a toy.

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One Mirror. One Body. Thousand Reflections.

Good evening everyone! Hope you all are having a great day. Today I have a question for you, “Who do you see when you look in the mirror?”

Do you see yourself or do you see someone you pretend to be? Do you see your present, reflect the past you lived or see the future you will have? Or are you afraid to look deep enough to see the demons you hide in your eyes because when I look at myself I smile. I smile looking at myself in the present. I smile at my demons, not afraid of their power but then I stop and see how I’ve changed since my  childhood to my teenage years.

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Perfect Cage

I live in a perfect little cage,
a beautiful place I call home.
It never grows old with age
a beautiful place I call home.

It’s majestic in appearance,
but looks can be deceptive.
I’m locked in this cage,
a beautiful place I call home.

I feel suffocated between these walls
I feel trapped by my thoughts
I wish I could fall
To get rid of these thoughts.

My sorrow has no end,
and my joy has no beginning.
This perfect little cage,
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