What Happened To Goodbye?

Best Friends. Always.

Moments we shared,
Phone calls we made
All in the past.

I am your friend
And always will be.

But some words once told
can never be forgotten.
And some things once done
can never be forgiven.

It wouldn’t take much time,
Just a short call
Or maybe a text.

But you left,

I try to understand
your reasons
I try to perceive
your excuses

But when I think about it,
I wonder
Was I not worth it.

I can surely forgive,
But can not forget.

Years of friendship
gone in vain.
Why did it end with
so much pain.

You live in my heart
And always will

What Happened To Goodbye?

(Written at the age of 14)



20 thoughts on “What Happened To Goodbye?

  1. I related this to something that happened with me and everything I wrote came from my heart, I guess that’s why you were able to feel what I felt as I wrote it…


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