I’d Wanted To

I’d wanted to love you, I’d wanted to be with you

But, I couldn’t.

And you never asked why?

Sometimes you have to look harder,

everything isn’t what it seems on the cover.

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My Voice

How do I get these words to flow?

How do I bring these words to life?

Everything seems to be bottled up inside my head,

suffocating me by each passing moment.

It’s at the tip of my tongue,

the words you want to hear

but not the words I wish to say.

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His Daughter

He has a young daughter,
so innocent and so naive.
Loves her endlessly,
but never does he express.

As the time passed the little girl
grew up and built up her walls.
For one event had changed
his boundless love for her.

He started questioning her,
and taunting her for her mistakes.
It broke her heart,
so she cried and cried.

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