Thank You For The Memories

Why did you have to give me pain?
Why did it all go in vain?

It was just yesterday,
when you caught me staring.
It was just another day,
when we went on our first date.

These little moments, made us smile.
Those little moments, made us cry.

But spaces between us, kept getting deeper
Our hearts separated, rather than being united.

It was just yesterday,
when I learnt of your betrayal.
It was just another day to you,
when you caused me so much pain.

I thought of our relationship
like something with no end
Something so beautiful that it can be cherished
and read over and over again like a fairytale.

But pain… why did it cause so much agony?
But pain… why did it tear my heart apart?

Sometimes trust can break,
sometimes hearts can break,
and sometimes people can break too
but that’s all okay for you.

I really had my hopes up,
thinking you were the one.
I thought it would end blissfully,
but it ended up disastrously.

Dear beloved, it hurts.
You are a scar which can never be healed.

But thank you for the memories.

(Written at the age of 15)



9 thoughts on “Thank You For The Memories

  1. The pain that young love brings… and we always think the person is “the one.” Really hurts when things don’t work out the way we expected them to. Been there a couple of times. But never lose hope. You’ll find “the one” who’s meant for you… when the right time comes 🙂

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