When your ears are ringing,
And your heart is thumping
I hope you hear my voice
I hope you hear it loud.

I sang with you the song of joy,
I played with you on the clouds.
We lived and laughed
In our little dreamland.

But as we grew older,
Misunderstandings and distance
Ego and anger
Became a part of our system.

What happened to our
happily ever after?
What happened to our
promised tomorrow?

Our age is like the distance…
Only a number,
Which was supposed to bring us closer
Not drive us apart.

Things have changed,
and we’ve gone our different ways.
But I miss those days
when we could just be happy.

I miss her.
I miss our innocence.
I guess in the end,
it was all just a lie.

(Written at the age of 15)



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