My Voice

How do I get these words to flow?

How do I bring these words to life?

Everything seems to be bottled up inside my head,

suffocating me by each passing moment.

It’s at the tip of my tongue,

the words you want to hear

but not the words I wish to say.

My past comes tumbling down my memory lane

Leaving nothing forgotten, not even pain.

I try to form those words,

the words I wish to say

But the voice at the back of my head stops me.

It tells me that I can’t do it,

It tells me my words have no value.

I try to scream to get rid of it,

But it stays, lingering at the edges

Staying for longer then it was supposed to.

When my words failed, I let my tears show

I cried away the pain, I cried away the sorrow

And it helped.

But my voice was too afraid

Too silent and too young

So it got stripped away from me

My voice may be forgotten,

but my hope isn’t

I am who I am

And my voice belongs to me

So tonight when I sing my song

I want you to listen

to a voice that doesn’t use words.

(Written at the age of 15)




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