People Change, Memories Don’t.

I hate you for leaving me,
I hate you for not telling me why.

As the night darkened,
and the monsters under my bed increased
I saw you with them.

I am afraid, for the things you’ve done.
I am afraid, of who you’ve become.

Tonight, the only thing keeping me sane,
are the memories of you that I hold on to every day.

Broke my heart, into a million pieces
How will my heart ever fix, when a part of it is with you.

Turned your back from the world,
turned your back when I needed you the most.

You gave me hope for a better tomorrow,
You became my light, that protected me from the monsters.

But people change, some for the best and
others for the worst.
You changed and became a monster.

Letters and promises,
friendships and conversations
are gone, just like that.

Whether you chose to be a demon,
whether you chose to be a saint,
I was always there for you.

Our love will run deep in my veins,
Our memories will leave an imprint in my head

When the monsters under my bed come to scare me,
I will hold on to our memories and let go of the pain.

Goodbye love and I hope I never see you again
because now you are just a stranger to me.



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