The Blogger Recognition Award

Hi everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have been a constant support to me. Thank you for everything. Time has flown by so fast that I got nominated for the third time for The Blogger Recognition Award by Ekta. Thank you so much Ekta for nominating me. Honestly, I feel really honored. Her blog is lovely with great content 🌸! Do check out her blog or then you will be missing out on an amazing and creative writer’s work.


How did I start blogging?

When I was younger, I had a passion for reading 📚. I really enjoyed reading comics. So eventually, I started writing stories but I never really finished writing them because I would get distracted and forget about them. 🙄

But when I was 11, I started writing poems in a little black book which only a couple of people saw and they really encouraged me to write more (even though at one point they thought that I copied the poems from online which was not true).

Anyways, then entering teenage years, my emotions went haywire and I had to get my happiness, my anger, my love and my frustration out somehow so I decided to start writing properly. My friend Saanya read one of my poem that I wrote and suggested that I start my very own blog. I thought about it and realized that it was a great idea! So with my parents permission and blessings I started my journey on Zovision which I have truly enjoyed because I got to meet so many people and I got a great opportunity to write about different things and widen my horizon.

Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting me. And once I started blogging, my sister, my cousins and my friends read my work and loved it which encouraged me to write more.


Advice for Bloggers :

When you write, write with your heart ❤️. Go with the rhythm and play a beautiful melody. Don’t write with a fear of what people will say, because no matter what you do people are always to going to have something to say. Be happy and be passionate about what you do! Have a will to achieve what you want and then there is nothing in this world that can come between you and what you want. 😊


I would like to nominate :

The Rules :

1. Thanks to the blogger, who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
2. Write a post showing your award.
3. Tell your readers, how you started your blog.
4. Give some advice for the new bloggers.
5. Nominate 15 other bloggers.
6. Notify them by commenting on their most recent post.

Zovi 💕


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