All she saw was red,
as she fell in the dark blue sea.

They called out for her
but the sea’s calling was louder.

What have they done to me?
Her voice echoed into oblivion.

As the sea roaredΒ in pain and anguish,
all she saw was red.

She embraced the power of the sea
and let go of everything and everyone.

The dark blue sea formed with her tears
turned red as she bled to death.



59 thoughts on “Red

    1. Thank you so much. It’s a great honor for my work to be compared to that of Shakespeare’s.

      I chose the color red not only for the girl’s blood but also for her anger and power.


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      1. You won’t ‘tarnish’ (this word brings back Grade 10 Chemistry, something I really do not want to remember) my comment section, in fact you brighten it up πŸ’‘

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  3. What did I think about this?
    (I’ll go stanza wise, if you don’t mind. And obviously, our views are much different.)
    Also another thing, whenever I read this, each time a new meaning pops up. So today’s meaning won’t be tomorrows. If that even makes sense.
    1. All she saw was red when she was hurting herself, and one thing led to another and then blood.
    The colour ‘blue’ seems like her sadness.
    2. They- her family, her friends or ‘whomsoever’, but the call of her ever-growing sadness was stronger. (?)*
    3.She asked how ‘whomsoever’ could hurt her through and through, but there was no one to help her up and hence, oblivion.
    Personally, I’d associate oblivion with black. It’s such a depressing colour but at the same time, it gives SO much life.
    4. Well obviously, there was no end to her sadness, and so the blood and hate and the lonely feeling increased. (?)
    5. I feel like this line can be taken in 2 ways- a positive one and a negative one.
    in the positive aspect, it can be said that, as she was drowning, she understood that no one had come to her for her rescue and the realisation hit that she needs to stand up for herself and be her own saviour. IDEK if this makes sense, good lord. So, she cut herself from anyone and everyone, all the fake people in her life. She became secluded and had a hard time trusting anyone. (?)
    In the negative aspect, it would be like, as she gave up. She literally drowned in the sea. Yup, the six letter word that starts with S and ends with E.
    7. WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK, THE POSITIVE ASPECT COMES TO AN END. Although, it could be like the death of her past self. And maybe there would be anew birth, like as of a phoenix. But who knows?
    In the negative aspect, the lines are pretty self explanatory.

    (?)* – Our views would be entirely different.

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