Our beautiful lives turned into a maze,
with our words and gestures
turning so twisted and cruel
that they left us in a daze.

All the love we once had is gone,
leaving us in an endless misery.
In this endless labyrinth,
we’ve turned from friends to pawns.

But this maze is my personal hell,
because no matter how hard I try to get back up
the thorns of the rose you gave me
cut my skin and leave me in torment.

I can’t breathe anymore,
not with my thoughts suffocating me.
I can’t live anymore,
not with my body tuning into frost.

All I wished for was another day,
to tell you how much I loved you.
To tell you meant the world to me.
But things just changed over night.

All I gave you was gone, never to return
along with the love and the memories.
So as I lay here in pain and agony,
why is it wrong that I miss you?

This mental affliction won’t let me decide
whether I need you or I want you.
My brain tells me I’ll be okay; time heals everything
But my heart knows I no longer have time.

Tonight, I wish your arms held me as I cried,
I wish you were here with me as I lay dying in this maze.
This maze which turned so cold
that it froze our hearts.



(P.S. Guys I changed my mind, instead of not posting for months I decide that I’ll limit my posts to 3 posts per month until April. Take care. Hope you liked this poem. ❤️ )


21 thoughts on “Maze

  1. When your heart and mind cry out to be cared for, you are the first responder. You begin to take care of yourself. You begin to give yourself what you need. And you are not alone, nor are your readers who are there with you. Your poem is a strong message about caring when it seems sometimes someone has deeply disappointed you. The first light of dawn is in there too.

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    • Wow! The thing about poetry is that everyone perceive’s their own meaning, and I understand what you mean. Thank you for bringing your thoughts to light because they changed the way I read the poem. I am glad that you were able to see and point out the first light of dawn.

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  2. If you are so serious about reading my posts,i too have to be serious about whats going on with you.
    I am happy your exam was pretty good and i am sure this trend will continue for remaining papers.
    Cheers! be happy and keep smiling!

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