The Real Neat Blog Award

I am very much thankful to thethoughtfulbrain nominating me for this award. It’s an honor for me to be selected by such a great writer. Thank you so much Prachi for this nomination. This is a part of one of her amazing posts :

“The person you are calling is busy. Please try after some time.”
I dialled the number again. It rang continuously but no one picked it up and the same voice note was recieved again and again. I was in tears. I didn’t have the courage to dial the number again. Two was enough for me.Ten minutes before I had a talk with him which turned by happy day into a tearful day.

You can continue reading this here.

Here are my answers to the question’s which were asked by thethoughtfulbrain :

Q1. Describe your connection between Ur blog and u in one word.

Ataraxia ♥️


Q2. What makes you smile?

A lot of things make me smile like unexpected kindness, chocolates 🍫 etc.


Q3. What makes you feel that u need to survive everday just for it?

For a better tomorrow.


Q4. What are the changes that You want to see in the next generation?

Less social media. 📱


Q5. Mention a few lines about my blog..( a random question.. you are free to ignore it . I just wanted to know from great bloggers like you all whether I am doing a good job as a blogger)

Prachi a few lines are not enough to describe how amazing your blog is, the effort you put into your work is evident by the way you weave emotions so intricately. Words are powerless to express how much I enjoy reading your posts whether they are stories or poems. And I personally love your poem The Fakeness, because it’s so deep and simple at the same time. Thank you once again for nominating me. 😸

The Rules :

1. Publish this on my blog by answering all the questions.

2. Put up that award logo over that post.

3. Thank the person who nominated you and also thank the person who made this award.

4. Nominate bloggers and ask them your own set of questions.

My Nominations:

  1. lostgirl172000
  2. Rubab Bangash
  3. Emmanuel Rockan
  4. Shilpi and Abhinandan
  5. Nathan Bonilla
  6. yuulye
  7. firewordsblog
  8. Rachel I And Fierce
  9. The Messy Beard Food Blog
  10. BriN
  11. Yuvraaj Singh Chaudhary
  12. Ewelina Snyder
  13. JoytotheWorld
  14. Early Bookish Birds
  15. indianymph
  16. Anidori Isilee
  17. Jasmine
  18. sahilsblog9560
  19. charliecountryboy
  20. The_Nocturnal_Muser

My Questions :

  1. What get’s you through a bad day (or everyday)?
  2. One word that describes the relationship between you and your blog.
  3. Does writing energize or exhaust you?
  4. Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?
  5. Which is your favorite post from my blog?

Zovi 💕


22 thoughts on “The Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Anonymous

    I am so happy you took the time to read my poem Zovi and that you nominated me for the Real Neat Blogger Award. I will follow the instructions above in about 12 hours. I assume the logo is “Real Neat Blogger Award,” but does it need to be cut and pasted or just typed out? I have not been able to write as much lately, but your encouragement will help me make the time to carry on! Thanks.

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  2. The Real Neat Blogger Award
    1. What gets you through a bad day?
    Forgiveness. First, I must forgive myself because most of the time I am over reacting to the perceived badness. When I have calmed down sufficiently, often with the help of another person who cares, I move on to forgiving the person, people or situations that caused me to over react.

    2. One word that describes the relationship between me and my blog is : kaleidoscope

    3. Does writing energize or exhaust me?
    Writing definitely energizes me. I still am thrilled by the basic ability to retype and edit my work to my heart’s content. As a child, I remember the thrill of just typing on an old fashioned typewriter and seeing my words filling a page. Only back then it was a lot harder to correct mistakes! Knowing that someone random can read my work is very energizing. Knowing that the WordPress community of bloggers are generally thoughtful and kind gives me hope that the internet has the potential to promote much good in humanity.

    4. Do I think that someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?
    I believe there are some writers who do not feel strong emotions. They may even be excellent writers, such as reviewers, translators or precis writers who provide thumbnail
    sketches of other writings, ideas or academic papers and such. However, I doubt there are many good poets or good writers of FICTION who do not feel emotions strongly, at least when they write their initial drafts. And a good writer may sometimes feel relatively less emotion when proof reading their own or others’ initial draft because getting the draft well written and designing a good layout can be hard work. To sum up, I think many good writers feel a LOT of emotion when write their first draft. Then they redraft it with less and less emotion. But in the end, they feel a great deal of emotion when they are close to publishing and are awaiting a response, if any, to a post or publication.

    5. What is my favourite Zovision post?
    I love your work Zovi. As I answered question 4, I pictured you because you blog with your heart, as well as your mind. You interact with fellow bloggers with a very keen awareness of the interests and needs of others, and how your own world relates to theirs. Your posts are unique and beautifully crafted and your skills as a user of blogging technologies adds to your effectiveness. But like well designed stage in a live play, your layout is seamless. Your message is never overwhelmed by bells and whistles. My favourite post by you is January 2 2018, where you provided the reader with positive goals for the year ahead. You expressed such energy and will to be the best you can be. And I think you are well on the way to achieving your goals for the year, as stated there. Thank you for nominating me for this award Zovi.

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