Under the dark blue starry night,
lays a beautiful masterpiece.

The prints of blue and black
crescents across the portrait.

It hangs alone in the silence of the night
waiting to see if the colors will ever fade.

The canvas was painted
with contrasting shades of red.

From the hands of a painter
she would’ve wished she’d never known.

As the dusk turns to dawn
and the sun kisses the moon goodbye

The girl who was once alive,
turns into a hanging masterpiece.



12 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. What did I think about this?
    (I’ll go stanza wise, if you don’t mind. And obviously, our views are much different.)
    1. Seems to me that, because the sky is infinite,everything under it is truly a masterpiece.
    2. Maybe the paint signifying something? I’m not so sure on what it meant.
    3. Whatever “this” is, to me it seems like a canvas and it portrays someone or something. And she’s wondering if the paint (the person) would change his or her colours in the future.
    4. Something to do with the relation between them is bloody.
    5. Here I feel like the “painter” is a good person (you may have different views obviously) and he or she tries to tell the truth and succeeds. But doing so, it showed her that the truth was nasty and wishes she’d never knew it.
    6. Obviously, night turns to day. (?) And the cycle repeats. (?)
    7. She was beautiful. And even after the events, she still remained so. (?)


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